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The mind of a complex Diva

Love or Hate starts with one word

30 July
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I am a very complicated person with a strong character, you either love me or hate me. I am speak my mind if it hurts or not. I am moved by the power of words and I feel that they are the masters of the universe. I am a twenty something year old female with a lot on my mind. To the date I am open minded, spiritual, down to earth and well rounded. I am very attractive but not self centered. I believe looks hold us back from knowing the person inside so we won't go into detail about my looks. My goal is to let you into the mind of a complex diva. My work is uplifting and distructive combining life's test with with the reconstruction of self image.I add God into some of my works and the devil in other's to beable to id with many people. The point of my works is to move and inspire myself to do better but if I help others in the process WONDERFUL.